Amor a primera vista – Love on first sight

I have some rules when it come to shopping, which I generally obey:

  • Not to buy low quality, with some exceptions like the black-white ballerinas from Cortefiel last summer
  • Never to buy things you only see once, I prefer to go home and come back if I think the stuff is worth buying

An Eye-catcher on Madrid's Streets for 25€

According to this rules it is pretty difficult to buy at all sometimes. It happened to me that I put an outfit together at a shop, that looked fantastic. I went home to thing about it and didn’t buy any of the pieces including shoes, pants and pullover.

This decision saved me more than 300€ (as I said, no low quality).

Another ending had the story when I saw me latest piece of jewelery. I passed the shop more than once until I finally tried it on. It costed a pretty amount of money (125€) but when I finally got it, there was no regret. I may have made the decision to buy it the first time I saw it but the more times I saw the more convinced of the decision I became.

Bronze, Gold and Quarz

This necklace is perfect with a white shirt or on a black background. It gives a totally casual outfit an elegant and sophisticated twist.

I combined it with straight woolen pants, flats and a blue silk shirt. Putting on a turban-like cap makes it even a bit eccentric.


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