OhCarlotta presents at Carmencita Bar

Carmencita Bar, known for its fantastic hamburgers, delicious hums, wide range of Gin Tonics and the excellent Mango Bellinis, turned yesterday evening into a show room for the shop OhCarlotta. Free Bellinis were served with little tapas while we could browse through the arrangements of clothes, bags, scarfs and accessories.

The room was filled with different styles. From the black and white Belle  de Jour dress, to colorful leather bags, striped logo shirts to great fashionable shirts, skirts and dresses it was great fun to look through all the things. The prizes are low, I have seen nothing over 32€ and this makes the shopping even more fun.

My favourite pieces were the the clutches in yellow, orange and blue as well as the shirt with the little cats on it.

More information about OhCarlotta on their facebook page!


One thought on “OhCarlotta presents at Carmencita Bar

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