It’s good to follow an unreachable Icon: Coco Chanel

I am reading again the fantastic book about Coco Chanel where she tells the story of her life. It is a great read because of the honest and harsh words she has for the world she lived in. “L’Allure de Chanel” tells about hard work, respect for your employees, how the high society of Paris got mad about Chanel and about the inner circle Coco Chanel was wandering in. I adore to read about her wisdom for life and the fun she makes of other Couturiers of her time.

Coco Chanel 1937

Sentences like: “You should never marry a man with a purse for coins.” are like medicine for a confused woman. In a time when fashion appears to be more and more a circus, and people are not worshiping good quality in clothes any more but run behind brand names and the latest designer copies, reading the words of this great woman make me realize what style and elegance are about. A bit of Chanel never is a bad choice.

Romy Schneider visiting Coco Chanel via

Romy Schneider said that Coco Chanel, among two others, was one of the persons that influenced her the most in her life.


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