Escaping Madrid into a secret garden

In a city like Madrid with its traffic and saturday shopping crowd, places inside the city where you can escape the outer world are priceless. The garden cafeteria of the Museum del Romanticisimo is one of the most elegant I have seen so far in Madrid. The peaceful atmosphere and beauty are like therapy for someone seeking inner harmony.

Cafeteria del Jardin

This cafeteria and its garden are one of the few places in Madrid where you want to come back again and you will never have enough of.

The menu offers sweets, coffee, tea and small lunch menus as well as different things to drink. The interesting thing about is that you can choose your coffee from a selection of different types. They offer coffee like the hindu café and others with different intension strength.


I ordered a hot chocolate and got for the first time not the pudding version you have with churros but one with milk and cacao powder.

The museums shop is next to the cafeteria and there you can find some interesting things for decoration. I got myself a headpiece I will wear at a wedding in May and which goes perfectly with one of my favourite dresses.


The cafeteria del jardin is one of the most peaceful places I have visited so far in the center of Madrid and the one I cannot wait to visit again soon.


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