Henrik Vibskov in Madrid at IED: telling us how to be a good designer

Yesterday Henrik Vibskov was giving a talk at IED Madrid, the design school in Spain’s capitol. For all those who never heard of him, Henry Vibskov designs in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has three stores around the globe in Copenhagen, Oslo and New York City. He graduated some 12 years ago from St.Martins in Mens Wear and describes himself as a worker on the body. In his talk he expressed his love for textiles by showing us some of his exhibitions in Amsterdam and Paris as well as how creative a designer sometimes has to be. One of the most important points in a life of a designer is that you have to be prepared that not everything works out perfectly, things get lost in customs or disappear otherwise. At his store opening in NYC he ended up with 5 people trying to fix the store where 700 cool New Yorkers were expected in 5 days and all his stuff for the store was stuck in customs for two weeks.

Getting to know his stories and experiences as a designer was a great experience especially in times when fashion is becoming so important and often the real behind the creations gets forgotten too often.  Continue reading


Antoine Peters @ Museo del Traje Madrid

During the “Semana Naranja” the embassy of The Netherlands organizes many different activities in Madrid. One of them took place yesterday at el Museo del Traje. Antoine Peters, one of the most important young designer from Holland gave a talk about his work and vision of fashion and Carlos Diez would be telling about one exceptional organisation which is working with people in Africa. The general topic of this year was “Quality of Life” and the concept of sustainability in fashion was explained in this discussion, which was open to the public.

Antoine Peters was talking about his projects like the sweater for the world, a one-size sweater which would fit everybody. Other projects like “Fat people are harder to kidnap” and “Making an Elephant out of a mosquito” promise a very creative touch of the collections.

Carlos Díez told us about Edun.com, a fashion brand, created by U2′ Bono which is working together with people in Africa and giving many women there the opportunity to make a living. Other topics were “Ethical Fashion Networks”, “Health”, “Education” and “Wealth”.

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Escaping Madrid into a secret garden

In a city like Madrid with its traffic and saturday shopping crowd, places inside the city where you can escape the outer world are priceless. The garden cafeteria of the Museum del Romanticisimo is one of the most elegant I have seen so far in Madrid. The peaceful atmosphere and beauty are like therapy for someone seeking inner harmony.

Cafeteria del Jardin

This cafeteria and its garden are one of the few places in Madrid where you want to come back again and you will never have enough of.

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An the Winner is…me!

Back at the fashion party at OhCarlotta at Carmencita Bar, they took some pictures of the best looks. Last thursday the winner got announced and I made it with my outfit.

I put on my woolen pants from Vanessa Bruno, Chanel-like ballerinas from Cortefiel, a silk vintage shirt, a necklace from Cristobal Benitez and my latest acquisition the turban from La Modethêque here in Madrid.

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OhCarlotta presents at Carmencita Bar

Carmencita Bar, known for its fantastic hamburgers, delicious hums, wide range of Gin Tonics and the excellent Mango Bellinis, turned yesterday evening into a show room for the shop OhCarlotta. Free Bellinis were served with little tapas while we could browse through the arrangements of clothes, bags, scarfs and accessories.

The room was filled with different styles. From the black and white Belle  de Jour dress, to colorful leather bags, striped logo shirts to great fashionable shirts, skirts and dresses it was great fun to look through all the things. The prizes are low, I have seen nothing over 32€ and this makes the shopping even more fun. Continue reading

The Extreme Collection & Manolo Blahnik at Hotel Wellington Madrid

This Tuesday The Extreme Collection presented its latest designs at the Hotel Wellington in collaboration with Manolo Blahnik.

The collection is known for its blazers and British inspired designs. They care a lot about the quality of their products and I think they have great basics as well as unique designs!

And if the designs of The Extreme Collection weren’t stunning enough, the models were wearing Manolos. What a gorgeous view from the front row! Continue reading