The new Paper App for Ipad

I just tried the new App Paper for Ipad and made some sketches about the Blog! It is really easy and for those who want to be creative with your Ipad it is great fun!

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Escaping Madrid into a secret garden

In a city like Madrid with its traffic and saturday shopping crowd, places inside the city where you can escape the outer world are priceless. The garden cafeteria of the Museum del Romanticisimo is one of the most elegant I have seen so far in Madrid. The peaceful atmosphere and beauty are like therapy for someone seeking inner harmony.

Cafeteria del Jardin

This cafeteria and its garden are one of the few places in Madrid where you want to come back again and you will never have enough of.

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It’s good to follow an unreachable Icon: Coco Chanel

I am reading again the fantastic book about Coco Chanel where she tells the story of her life. It is a great read because of the honest and harsh words she has for the world she lived in. “L’Allure de Chanel” tells about hard work, respect for your employees, how the high society of Paris got mad about Chanel and about the inner circle Coco Chanel was wandering in. I adore to read about her wisdom for life and the fun she makes of other Couturiers of her time.

Coco Chanel 1937

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An the Winner is…me!

Back at the fashion party at OhCarlotta at Carmencita Bar, they took some pictures of the best looks. Last thursday the winner got announced and I made it with my outfit.

I put on my woolen pants from Vanessa Bruno, Chanel-like ballerinas from Cortefiel, a silk vintage shirt, a necklace from Cristobal Benitez and my latest acquisition the turban from La Modethêque here in Madrid.

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Amor a primera vista – Love on first sight

I have some rules when it come to shopping, which I generally obey:

  • Not to buy low quality, with some exceptions like the black-white ballerinas from Cortefiel last summer
  • Never to buy things you only see once, I prefer to go home and come back if I think the stuff is worth buying

An Eye-catcher on Madrid's Streets for 25€

According to this rules it is pretty difficult to buy at all sometimes. It happened to me that I put an outfit together at a shop, that looked fantastic. I went home to thing about it and didn’t buy any of the pieces including shoes, pants and pullover.

This decision saved me more than 300€ (as I said, no low quality).

Another ending had the story when I saw me latest piece of jewelery. I passed the shop more than once until I finally tried it on. It costed a pretty amount of money (125€) but when I finally got it, there was no regret. I may have made the decision to buy it the first time I saw it but the more times I saw the more convinced of the decision I became.

Bronze, Gold and Quarz

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The Pyjama Pants

I am a big fan of Garance Doré and love the inside view videos to fashion she is now doing in collaboration with Net-a-Porter. The video about women showed a stunning look of Charlotte Olympia wearing a Louis Vuitton Pyjama outfit. When I first saw the pyjama pants on the catwalk, I was not convinced at all.

Louis Vuitton Resort 2011/12 via Charlotte Olympia wears a different color but the same design

Seeing Charlotte Olympia in those pants made me think. She reminded me of movie divas from the 30’s and also of the look Audrey Tautou was wearing in Coco Chanel. Stunning, stylish, ahead of her time and très chic.

Audrey Tautou as Coco Chanel via

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Black Fur Coat and Yellow Dress

Style in the Metro

I saw this girl yesterday in the metro on my way back home. Her outfit is just fantastic without too many colors or patterns. She would be dressed totally in black with just her python handbag as an accessory if it wouldn’t be for the yellow dress she is wearing. This little bit of color looking out of her fur coat makes the big difference to a total black look.  Continue reading